Single events Wabush

For term in biology, see Chrysalis. British single events Wabush John Wyndham, first published in 1955 by Michael Joseph.

It is the least typical of Wyndham’s major novels, but regarded by some as his best. The novel was adapted for BBC radio by Barbara Clegg in 1982, with a further adaptation by Jane Rogers in 2012. The inhabitants of post-apocalypse Labrador have vague knowledge of the «Old People», a technologically advanced civilisation they believe was destroyed when God sent «Tribulation» to the world to punish their forebears’ sins. The inland rural settlement of Waknuk is a frontier farming community, populated with hardy and pious individuals. David Strorm, the son of Waknuk’s most religious man, has dreams of large cities and horseless carts. He makes friends with Sophie, a girl who secretly has six toes on each foot.

David and other children in Waknuk hide their mutation: telepathy. David’s Uncle Axel, who knew about the group from talking to David about his telepathy when he was young, protects them from persecution. Later, two telepaths, Katherine and Sally, are captured and tortured for information, while David, his cousin Rosalind, and Petra go to the Fringes. A telepath named Michael stays behind to throw off the people who are tracking the telepaths. A group of men from several districts chase them. The group includes Michael, who is trying to lead them off the trail.

David Strorm is the narrator of the story. David is one of a small group of youngsters who can communicate with each other via telepathy. However, their community’s theological prejudice against anyone who is abnormal means he and the others must keep their abilities carefully hidden. Sophie Wender is a young girl born with six toes on one of her feet.