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He’s just a Tatooine farm boy who thinks the ability to shoot womp rats from a speeder can make him a hero. Gavin Darklighter was a Human male from Tatooine born during the Imperial Period. Darklighter bounced back, however, marrying Sera Faleur and raising a family of five children. Us Darklighters have a point in our lives when we look outside ourselves. Some of us, like my father, never do it until the end, and then they regret all the things they didn’t do. And now you, Gavin, my eldest, you have the look.

There’s something out there for me, Father. Maybe I’m dreaming, but it feels like my destiny is out there. Gavin Darklighter was born in 10 BBY on Tatooine to Jula and Silya Darklighter. His cousin Biggs Darklighter, Huff’s son, was ten years older. Biggs and Gavin were not close, but Biggs would sometimes spend time with his younger cousin. Some time later, Darklighter’s father purchased the Lars family farm from Throgg, whom Huff Darklighter had been planning to ruin financially due to the imposition of an alien landowner tax, and allowed Throgg to stay on as a tenant rather than let Huff ruin him and gain the farm. At some point, the Darklighters themselves moved onto the farm, and Darklighter spent several of his formative years where Luke Skywalker had grown up.

Darklighter lived a simple life on the family farm. He would visit Anchorhead on a monthly basis, and even made it to Mos Eisley on one occasion. Family celebrations, generally held at Huff’s estate, were a highlight, though Darklighter resented being continually seated at the children’s table. In 6 ABY, on his sixteenth birthday, Darklighter left the party as it concluded and walked up to the edge of the pit into which the farm was sunk. He looked out across the sand, wondering if Skywalker had done so, and was approached by his father, who told him that he had the «Darklighter look» on his face.

Whatever you do, remember who you are, what you are. A Darklighter’s destiny is waiting for you out there. This Rebellion, it’s been without a Darklighter for too long. It’s time that problem was solved. Darklighter joined the New Republic Starfighter Corps, serving as Biggs had.

Though selection was complete, training was not yet over, and Darklighter continued to hone his skills at Folor Base. Darklighter’s astrogation skills were weak, but he accepted tutoring from Lujayne Forge and quickly brought them up to par, demonstrating a natural aptitude. It’s never easy to lose a friend, Gavin. This is the first time anyone I’ve known has died. Only one month after the squadron roster was finalized, Rogue Squadron was moved to active duty. They were to be moved to Talasea, but for security reasons the squadron members were told that they were merely on an extended field training assignment and were not given their location.

The Rogues’ next mission was to Hensara, where they were to rescue the downed frigate Battle of Yavin. During the subsequent celebration back on Talasea, Jace began to pick on Darklighter for his lack of kills. His squadron-mates jokingly awarded Darklighter the award of «worst pilot in the squadron» and sent Nawara Ven to speak to the senior officers—Antilles, executive officer Tycho Celchu, and naval captain Afyon—and request a fitting punishment. A few nights later, Horn and Rogue Ooryl Qrygg were awake when Imperial stormtroopers landed at Talasea, its location having been deduced by Imperial Intelligence agent Kirtan Loor. Darklighter was placed in a bacta tank aboard the medical frigate Reprieve. He was removed at the same time as Horn, who had been shot later in the battle, in time for both to learn from Antilles that Forge had been killed in her bed by stormtroopers.