Dating with beauty girl in Poltava

Documentary series tell about the very famous love stories. They are the most famous love stories in history and literature, they are immortal. Reality show peeps at secret lives of Dating with beauty girl in Poltava celebrities.

Reality show is transformed ugly ducklings into their most beautiful selves. This is the biggest football review on Ukrainian TV. The main hero Mitya is an incorrigible optimist, big romantic, indefatigable dreamer and great story-teller. He is living a very active and wild life. The young girl from the city suddenly appears in the obscure country village.

Something incredible occurs in this village. Real Bodrit» is a humor TV anthology for «real men». The adventures of big family are in the comedy cartoon. The adventures of big family are in the lyrical comedy «Relatives». Weekend» is a new information and entertainment show. Cafes, pizzerias, pubs, night-clubs, fast foods and restaurants from all over Ukraine will compete for the title of the best restaurant. Our journalists are going to visit countries-neighbours — former Soviet Republics.

The wife of successful architect Denys has died after a car accident. TV journal tells about the life of teenagers. Reality show is being advertised as a social experiment with blind arranged marriages. Every participant of this reality show has a chance of getting a round sum. 1″ TV channel based on TV Tokyo format from Sparks Network. Wonder what to do when your girlfriend or boyfriend cheats on you? The celebrities are ready for the test drive in their luxury cars.

The Clinic» is a medical drama. Vasyl Holoborodko is young, clever, intelligent and honest teacher of history. Unexpectedly, he has been elected as a President of Ukraine. Little Giants» is the first talent children show in Ukraine. Masha and the Bear» is an animated cartoon based on the folk tale. The adventures of young couple Yurchyk and Yarynka are in the comedy TV series.

Owners of beauty salons are going to be the clients in this reality show. Turkish TV series directed by Hilal Saral. Looking for Single Mother» is a lyrical comedy directed by Oleksiy Kyrushchenko. Valera escapes from Russian gangsters to begin a new life in Ukraine. The fantastic journey into the past of old and always young Kyiv. The andventures of big family are in the comedy TV series.

20-serial dramatically detective project about the victims of love. TV serial directed by Oleg Asadulin. A poor girl from a province is going to megapolis. A rich city-girl is moving to village. They have three days for starting a new life. The documentary film «Female Faces of Revolution». Romantic TV series directed by Serhiy Chekalov.

This famous Turkish TV series tells about passion and unfaithfulness, pain and happiness, tears and hope. Documentary film is dedicated to the anniversary celebrations of «Studio Quarter-95″. Program presenter Olga Freimut is playing a new role — the restaurant inspector. Brave Hearts» is a patriotic military talk show. It is devoted to people who bring out heroism during ATO in the east of Ukraine.

Power Right» is the social and political talk show. The reality-television culinary show with program presenters Olga Freimut and Dmytro Borysov. The comedy sketchcom «Vatalka» is created by film makers Ivan Yasnoy, Dmytro Karpenko and Oleksiy Daruha. The story revolves around the lives of Asi Kozcuoglu and Demir Dogan. The events happening during Ukrainian Fashion Week always cause much interest.