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Location of Bergama within İzmir Province. Bergama is a populous district, as well as the center city of the same district, in İzmir Province in western Turkey. By excluding İzmir’s metropolitan area, it is one of the prominent districts of the province in terms dating sites Bilecik population and is largely urbanized at the rate of 53. In Turkish language, it has been adapted to Bergama.

Temple has been moved to the Pergamon Museum, in Berlin, Germany. Aegean Sea, Bergama has a population of about 102,000. The city of Pergamon was the capital of the Attalid dynasty from 281 BC to 133 BC and then became part of the Roman province of Asia. Bergama is also known for its historic quarter, where old Ottoman houses in the traditional style are found. One particularity of Allianoi is its being a very recent historical discovery. Bergama center in the northern direction.

The plain is a favorite regional excursion area, famed for its hand-made textile products and pine forests whose pine nut is also extensively exported. Recently, Bergama also made headlines in the context of controversies based on environmental concerns over the gold mine in Ovacık village. Bergama is also renowned for its high quality carpets. There are approximately eighty villages that still weave Bergama carpets. The history of carpet weaving in Bergama dates back to the 11th century — when Turkish migration started to the area. Although the history of carpet weaving in Bergama dates back to the 11th century, most surviving carpets do not age more than 200 years — mainly due to their wool content.