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Please forward this error screen to 69. Please forward this error screen to 69. This article may be too long to read and navigate comfortably. The timeline of the history of Montreal shows the significant events in the history of Montreal that transformed it from a small fort into a big city of North America.

The area known today as Montreal had been inhabited by the Algonquins, Huron, and Iroquois for some 2,000 years, while the oldest known artifact found in Montréal proper is about 2,000 years old. In the earliest oral history, the Algonquins were from the Atlantic coast. The Iroquois or Haudenosaunee were centred from at least 1000 CE in northern New York, but their influence extended into what is now southern Ontario and the Montréal area of modern Quebec. The Iroquois Confederacy is, from oral tradition, supposed to have been formed in 1142 CE. In the modern Iroquois language, Montréal is called Tiohtià:ke.

Other native languages, such as Algonquin, refer to it as Moniang. Lawrence Iroquoians established the village of Hochelaga at the foot of Mount Royal. Prior to this, the Saint Lawrence River had been known by other names, including the Hochelaga River and the Canada River. September 19, Cartier starts his journey from Quebec City to Montréal, while in search of a passage to Asia. Cartier visits Hochelaga on October 2, claiming the St. He becomes the first European to reach the area now known as Montréal when he enters the village of Hochelega. October 3, Cartier climbs up the mountain on the Île de Montréal and names it Mont Royal.

He wrote: «Nous nommasmes icelle montaigne le mont Royal. We named the said mountain Mont Royal. The name Montréal is generally thought to be derived from «Mont Royal», the name given to the mountain by Cartier in 1535. On his map of Hochelega, Italian geographer Giovanni Battista Ramusio writes «Monte Real» to designate Mont Royal. Lawrence Iroquoians seem to have vacated the Saint Lawrence River valley sometime prior to 1580. On his map, Guillaume Le Vasseur writes Hochelaga for the inhabited area and calls the hill Mont Royal. He describes Mont Royal, Lake Saint-Louis and the Lachine Rapids.

Samuel de Champlain, in the company of a young Huron Indian, whom he had taken to and brought back from France on a previous voyage, visits the Île de Montréal. Champlain decides to establish a fur trading post at present-day Pointe-à-Callière. A young man named Louis drowns, thus giving his name to both the Sault-Saint-Louis and Lake Saint-Louis. Saint Helen’s Island is named by Samuel de Champlain in honour of his wife. The Compagnie des Marchands operate in New France but, as a result of a breach of their contract, lose their rights in 1621 to the Compagnie de Montmorency. Denis Jamet and Joseph Le Caron say the first mass on the Island of Montréal. Samuel de Champlain, expected at the Saint-Louis Rapids in late June, does not arrive by July 8, prompting the Aboriginals, angry, to leave, taking with them Joseph Le Caron and twelve Frenchmen.

Les Franciscains des Recollets, an order of French missionaries, are the first to settle Canada. In their honour, the area later known as Griffintown is called ‘Faubourg des Recollet’. King of France introduces the seigneurial system of New France and forbids settlement in New France by anyone other than Roman Catholics. Trois-Rivières founded by Sieur de Laviolette. Jean de Lauzon becomes the seigneur of the Île de Montréal. Louis XIII grants the seigneurie of Madeleine to Jacques La Ferté, priest at Sainte Madeleine de Châteaudun. Sainte-Marie among the Hurons in use.