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It is the largest city in Odisha and is a centre of economic and religious importance in Eastern India. With the diverse ranges of heritage resources, it showcases significant sacred cultural landscape components dating in Sambalpur in your 30s have evolved with the support of available natural resource base and cultural trigger. Although the modern city of Bhubaneswar was formally established only in 1948, the history of the areas in and around the present-day city can be traced to 3rd century BCE and earlier. It is a confluence of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain heritage boasting of some of the finest Kalingan temples.

Bhubaneswar replaced Cuttack as the capital on 19 August 1949, 2 years after India gained its independence from Britain. The modern city was designed by the German architect Otto Königsberger in 1946. The foundation of the modern Bhubaneswar city was laid in 1948, although the areas in and around the city have a history going back to 1st century BCE or earlier. Mauryan emperor Ashoka invaded and annexed Kalinga. In 7th century, Somavamshi or Keshari dynasty established their kingdom in the area, and constructed a number of temples. After the Kesharis, the Eastern Gangas ruled Kalinga area until 14th century CE.

Their capital Kalinganagar was located in present-day Bhubaneswar district. In the 16th century, the area came under pachamani Mughal control. The Marathas, who succeeded the Mughals in mid-18th century, encouraged pilgrimage in the region. Shiva, the deity of the Lingaraja temple. The Legislative Assembly of Orissa was shifted from Cuttack to Bhubaneswar in 1949. Bhubaneswar is in Khordha district of Odisha.

It is in the eastern coastal plains, along the axis of the Eastern Ghats mountains. Bhubaneswar is topographically divided into western uplands and eastern lowlands, with hillocks in the western and northern parts. The United Nations Development Programme reports that there is «very high damage risk» from winds and cyclones. Bhubaneswar Schematic Tourist Map — By Barsha, NID Bangalore. Aerial view of Master Canteen Square, Bhubaneswar.